Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Little Advise Please!!

I need a little advise.  For the past few years I have enjoyed doing a long run every Saturday, these runs have always been my favorite run of the week.  Everyone has always said how crazy it is that I do a long run every week but I truly LOVED it...that is until a few months ago.  Ever since my last marathon in September my LR's have been HORRIBLE!  I may have had an okay one in there somewhere but for the most part they have not been good.

I went from craving and loving the LR to DREADING it :(  The biggest problem is that I keep thinking maybe I should just miss a long run or two and give my body a little break.  Why is that a problem you may ask...well, I am currently training for a marathon!  A marathon that today as I was running all I could think was "forget this stupid marathon crap, I never want to run one again!"  That is not like me, the marathon has always been my favorite distance to run.
Just look at that goofy smile, I had it on my face for 26.2 miles!
What has happened to my love for distance?

My runs during the week feel great, I usually do between 7-9 miles 4 days a week and I do a spin class once a week to give my legs a break from running.  At this point I almost think that it's all in my head but I don't know how to get past that.  This morning as soon as I got out of bed my legs felt like they weighed 600 lbs.  I took my SportLegs and hoped for the best but the best never came.  Don't my SportLegs know that they should do their job...RUDE ;)

Truth be told I have been stuck on a treadmill for these past few months and maybe that has had something to do with it.  Of course in the past I have always done my LR's on a treadmill in the winter.  For some crazy reason going out in the lone dark night in the FREEZING cold just hasn't sounded like much fun.  I wish I could sleep in and go a bit know like when it gets light.  But having kidlets kind of requires me to be a mom so I can't be gone all day.  Plus, we are in the middle of gymnastics competition season so most Saturdays I am in a rush to get home so that I can get the beautiful children of the corn off to their meets.

Have any of you ever gone through something like this...that has lasted this long???

If my marathon is on a Monday should I start doing my long runs on Mondays?  I always have great runs on Mondays, probably because Sundays are the day of rest so I'm all refreshed and ready to run.

Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated.  And none of this stop running talk, I paid $150 to run this marathon and I will NOT miss it!!

Sorry to bore you to death with my non-sense :(


  1. HEY YOU!! First, I MISS YOU! We need to go to a spin class together. I think this is very normal and if I were you I would take maybe a week off from the long run (it will do more good than harm). Also, like you said in the comment of my blog, take it outside and I guarantee your love for running long will come back, there is just something so amazing about running outside especially compared to on the treadmill. We all have days that our legs feel crazy heavy and don't want to move and sometime it is our bodies way of warning us that we need a break:) You are amazing!

  2. PS I will come with you at 4 a.m. one of these saturday mornings outside:)

  3. This is totally normal my friend. Don't get down about it. I definitely agree with what Janae said about taking the run outside or maybe trying to change up the day. I know it is hard to get a LR in during the week but sometimes just changing up your routine can make all of the difference.